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A Wedding at Pinnacle Golf Club, Columbus Ohio photography

a large group of about 150 wedding guests huddle together and wave their hands in the air for a candid group photo with the bride and groom on the dance floor of a formal ballroom with crystal chandeliers

Congrats to Rachel and Brandon! What an incredibly fun wedding at Pinnacle Golf Club celebrating along with their awesome group of friends and family! You can just feel the love and joyful energy in this group photo from their wedding reception in the ballroom at Pinnacle Golf Club!

a collage of two images of a bride and groom walking through a corridor with light brown stone archways
a wide angle image of a large stone building at a country club. There are rose bushes in the foreground, and a pale blue sky in the background.

The day started and ended surrounded by friends, smiles and laughter as they began getting wedding-ready in the beautiful bridal suite on-site at Pinnacle. Such a convenient (and pretty) space to set the stage for the day! A simple thing, but it's so nice having a designated place to safely hang the bridal gown, and capture some nice images of the getting-ready process with your friends and family.

A bride huddles with her bridesmaids in a brightly lit bridal suite.
A bride wearing a long veil is smiling and facing a mirror while a bridesmaid in a long black dress helps adjust her veil.
a group of bridesmaids all wearing long black formal dresses huddled into a small brightly lit room. They are smiling at the bride who is out of frame.

A reveal of the bride's final wedding day look with her bridesmaids and family is always full of so many fun moments to capture.

a bride

There were a few very happy tears shed throughout the day- among those when Rachel read a letter from her soon-to-be husband. Brandon was just down the hall in another room hanging out with his friends getting ready.

a bride smiles as she looks up from a sentimental letter she is reading from her groom while wiping a tear. She is sitting on a gold chair in a brightly lit room

And speaking of, those getting ready moments aren't just reserved the for the bride! We captured a few casual moments of Brandon and his groomsmen, as well as some nice classic group portraits shortly before he and Rachel were about to do their first look nearby.

a black and white candid image of a groomsmen helping a groom with a boutonniere
a casual poet group portrait of groomsmen. They are smiling and some are holding bottles of beer

Just before Rachel and Brandon prepare to see each other, the bride and her dad share their own special moment. I'm pretty sentimental and had a wonderful relationship with my own dad, so moments like this really hit me in the feels! You can definitely see where Rachel gets her fun-loving energy. Her relationship with her parents was so sweet to witness. Moments like these really make me especially thankful for my job as a photographer. Witnessing so many positive and happy moments on a regular basis is such a privilege.

I love everything about this moment! The beaming smiles and laughter say it all!

a candid moment of a bride and her father are in a brightly lit white bridal suite looking at each other and laughing as they exchange a gift
a black and white candid image of a father putting a bracelet on his daughter's wrist on her wedding day

Ok, now for the most important reveal of the day - the first look for the bride and groom. This was one of my favorites!

A bride is walking through a door getting ready to see her groom on their wedding day. The groom is in the foreground, but blurred out and the focus is on the bride walking towards him.

I just love the excitement on both of their faces!

A groom is smiling as his bride is walking up to see him. She is slightly out of focus in the background behind him.
A close-up black and white image of a bride with her around fully wrapped around her groom in a tight hug. She is smiling and has her eyes closed.

Needless to say their moms were taking in the moment as well! Then time for their friends to join in on the fun - group hug!

a casual posed group portrait of a bride and groom with their wedding party who is all wearing black tuxedos and long black formal gowns. Everyone is huddled in close together and smiling. They are standing in front of a stone wall of archways.

Not only is Rachel absolutely stunning in her Dany Tabet sheath gown, she is quite possibly one of the most genuinely sweet and thoughtful people you could meet! Gracious, kind, and just a joy to be around!

A horizontal image with 3 stone arches and a bride and groom posed cuddled posed in the middle archway.
a bride and groom holding hands and walking through an archway made of light brown stone
a close-up image of a bride and groom posed cheek to cheek looking at the camera smiling

After an afternoon of capturing portraits, it's finally time to head and relax a bit before the ceremony! The outdoor courtyard ceremony space at Pinnacle is one of my favorites! The stone archways make such a beautiful backdrop for the wedding party and bride as they walk down the aisle.

a groomsman in a black tux and bridesmaid in a long black formal gown walk down brick path covered in white rose petals at an outdoor wedding ceremony
a groomsman in a black tux and bridesmaid in a long black formal gown walk down brick path covered in white rose petals at an outdoor wedding ceremony

I just love this emotional image of the groom and his best man looking on. The groom is tearing up a bit with a smile as he watches his bride walk down the aisle.

a candid black and white image of an emotional groom looking down the aisle at his bride during a wedding ceremony as his best man looks on

Rachel definitely could not contain her excitement and happiness as she walked down the aisle toward Brandon, escorted by her very proud dad.

a candid black and white image of a bride walking down the aisle escorted by her father

Moments like these create the perfect opportunities for capturing natural and truly candid images of not only the bride and groom, but all their family and friends as they share in the excitement!

a group of six bridesmaids wearing long black formal gowns smiling and watching as the bride walks down the aisle during a wedding ceremony
an emotional candid image of a groom

I love this image so much! The bride is about to join her groom on the altar, with both her father and future husband looking at her clearly with so much love! The groomsmens expressions in the background just add nice context as well. Then that immediate heartfelt hug between Rachel and Brandon is just so sweet!

a wide angle shot of an outdoor wedding ceremony with large topiary trees and brick pillars behind the bride and groom with guests seated in white chairs

An image that clearly captures the scene of the day - this ceremomy space is just stunning. The large topiary trees that surround the space give the space a dreamy and intimate feeling.

a candid image of a bride, groom, and wedding officiant laughing during the exchange of rings part of the ceremony
a newly wedded bride and groom cheer as they are just announced officially married. The setting is an outdoor ceremony with light brown brick structure behind them.

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.! What a fantatic and heartfelt wedding ceremony! We couldn't have asked for a better day for their outdoor wedding ceremony! Such a happy and joyous moment as all their guests cheered along for them.

I just love outdoor wedding ceremonies at Pinnacle Golf Club!

I just love how truly excited everyone is for them! These "just married" moments of the bride and groom as well as their parents and wedding party are really representative of the general vibe of the whole day and carried well into the final moments of the reception.

a collage of four images of wedding guests smiling and exiting the wedding ceremony

Nothing better than a group hug and for an authentic impromptu candid image. I just love this photo of the newlyweds with both of their parents embracing them.

A celebratory cheer with their whole wedding party is definitely in order - let the party begin!

I truly appreciate a great cocktail hour space and the terrace at Pinnacle Golf Club certainly fits the bill!

a wide angle image of an outdoor patio full of people during a cocktail hour
a black and white candid image of a group of bridesmaids wearing long black formal dresses laughing and cheering with drinks in their hands

Time to get the party started and welcome in the bride and groom! This wedding party did NOT disappoint with their level of enthusiasm for this awesome couple. It was GAME ON for this wedding day crew!

a black and white candid image of a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen laughing and cheering  as the bride and groom enter their reception. They are holding bottles of beer and raising their arms in the air
a candid image of a bride and groom entering their wedding reception in a brightly lit formal ballroom with crystal chandeliers and subtle purple accent lighting in the background
a groom dips and kisses his bride. A large group of wedding party attendants are lined up along the wall of the ballroom behind them

The cutest little sweetheart table!

After all the classic wedding reception traditions, the dance floor opened up and was packed until the very last song. An impromptu game of limbo always seems to be a hit!

A sparkler exit is always a fun way to cap off an amazing day! Cheers to the newlyweds on a beautiful and fun start to their marriage and thank you again for trusting me with capturing all the love and amazing energy of your wedding day!

a candid black and white image of a bride and groom dipping and kissing in the middle of a sparkler exit



Dany Tabet @danytabet


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