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Columbus, Ohio Branding & Headshot Photographer

As a business owner or professional, your career is an expression of your passions and work ethic; a display of who you are and how you impact lives.


A headshot is often the first impression you make – especially in the digital world. How do you want to show up in your professional life? I will work with you to understand your goals and carefully plan your session so that your  visuals enhance your message. From location, wardrobe, and props, I'll guide you through all the details that need to come together to help share your story with polished, on-brand visual content that makes a statement you'll

feel confident sharing with the world.

Headshots and Brand Photography



Headshot sessions begin at $300. 

Brand photography sessions begin at $650.

powerful women in marketing branding kimberly potterf
powerful women in marketing branding kimberly potterf


The VP of Women's Merchandising for a major fashion retailer with over $1B in revenue, Jacquie is an industry leader responsible for the uber-stylish offerings at one of America's top fashion brands. With a discerning eye for fashion and a knack for translating trends into wearable pieces, she has made it her mission to not only ensure that every customer feels confident in their clothing, but also help empower and uplift women and young girls along the way.

What made this shoot such a success was clear communication and the overall collaborative energy. I listened carefully to the message and personality she wanted to convey to her audience, and she trusted my creative direction to elevate and bring that vision to life. 



"I have known Kimberly for 15 years, connected by a mutual friend who thought our energies would match. Kim has been a part of my engagement, my wedding, my children, and now, my career. When asked to be featured in an upcoming editorial spread, there wasn’t even a question who needed to be there to capture my true, authentic self: Kim. Kim, you’re an amazing human, an incredible talent, and I’m so thankful to have you around for this next chapter in my life."


women owned small business branding kimberly potterf
  • To secure your session, you'll submit a 50% retainer fee that will go toward your overall session cost, along with a signed booking agreement with the date and time slot you are booking.

  • Think simple. I recommend softer, lighter colors for your outfits, and shades that are more muted than bright. This brings attention to your face, and helps the eye focus on your feelings and relationship dynamic. To learn why I advise mixing textures instead of patterns, or how neutrals come into play, visit my blog about what to wear!

  • Many of my clients like to have headshots and branding photos done on location where they work, but that's not your only option! I have a studio that reliably delivers quality headshots, plus I have the scoop on amazing spots downtown and in every suburb. To give my clients a unique experience and polished product, I am always scoping out new, inspiring places to shoot!

  • For brands, your props might include your computer, meaningful desk items, or a favorite mug. I hope you'll bring objects that reflect your personality and illustrate your brand's vibe and message. Need more inspiration? Maybe bring a few things you know your target audience enjoys. 

  • For branding sessions, you can expect to receive your gallery within 2 weeks. Digital collections can vary by session type, so just ask at the time of booking if you have any other questions.

Branding FAQ

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Boldly invest in yourself

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