Your Photographer

Meet Kimberly
Owner and Lead Photographer

Hello, I’m Kimberly. Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about me and what makes my business unique. I jumped into this little photo business full-time over 10 years ago after leaving my corporate job as an art director and have never looked back! So much has changed in that time, but after shooting a few hundred weddings, I still truly love what I do. I pour my heart into my work as well as the people I work with. It’s both an honor and huge responsibility to be trusted with photographing such an important day in a couple’s life and I don’t take it lightly.

I believe that creating really great images begins with finding authentic moments. Creating an awesome experience that allows you be fully present in every meaningful moment of your big day is my ultimate goal. This goes beyond the pretty portraits and carefully styled details. Managing timelines, personalities, fickle weather and lighting are all part of creating an epic collection of images as well as experience.

For me, it’s about capturing a feeling and mood. Sometimes that’s done best with natural light, and sometimes that requires a more dynamic lighting set-up. I want your images to reflect how you remember your day. However, whether you’re getting married in a barn or ballroom, you can always expect thoughtfully composed, properly lit, natural looking images that will stand the test of time. A modern and fresh take on classic style. Timeless over trendy. And most importantly, relevant to you.

My life beyond the lens
My family and friends are my world, starting with my husband Mike and our wonder dog, Nellie. We got married just a few years ago and if given the chance, I love gushing about our wedding day! It sounds cliché but it really was the best day ever! We live in a little house in the Short North that we’ve been renovating together for the past couple of years. (That in itself has been quite the adventure!) My time spent traveling, however, is what has largely shaped how I learned to see things as an artist. My most unique travel experience would probably be sailing through the Galapagos Islands with friends from my days at Ohio University (forever a Bobcat!).

And finally, if it wasn’t apparent by now, I’m a huge dog-lover and truly believe they teach us so much. Most of my free time these days is spent volunteering at the Franklin County Dog Shelter where my dog Nellie and I found each other about six years ago. It was love at first cuddle! If you’re lucky, you may just get to meet this big furry charmer at the studio sometime. We’d love to meet you!