I loved working with Kimberly throughout my engagement and wedding

I had spoken with all different photographers from all over but wasn’t set on any of them. Kimberly was recommended by my venue and I spoke with her and I immediately loved her accommodating she was and patient with my questions. She really helped guide me and offer suggestions whereas with other photographers they had strict rules on how they will or won’t work or I felt wouldn’t give me enough guidance. On the day of Kim was calm and energetic for my group to work with. Plus, our photos were gorgeous and have received so many compliments. Thank you Kimberly!
Brittany and Andrew Solada – September 5, 2015 at the Dayton Art Institute – Via The Knot.com

We truly enjoyed working with Kimberly

– throughout our engagement and on our wedding day!…She has a way of just making everything work. We truly enjoyed working with Kimberly throughout our engagement and on our wedding day! We met with a few different photographers who were all great, but ultimately we just “clicked” with Kimberly. She’s friendly, personable and extremely easy to work with. We lived in Chicago at the time of our engagement so thought it would be special to have our engagement photos taken in the city where our relationship started. Kimberly was so accommodating to this request. We coordinated schedules and found a day that worked for her to fly out to Chicago to shoot our session. Now that we’re living back in Columbus we feel so lucky to have really great professional photos that capture our time living in a city so near and dear to our hearts. As we got closer to the wedding we met with Kimberly a couple of times to go through our day-of timeline and do a walk-through of our venue. After our conversations, she provided some great recommendations to make photos more efficient and the day flow seamlessly. These suggestions were so simple, yet only something that someone with her level of experience level would think of. Since you spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographer, we wanted to be sure we were with someone who we were comfortable with and enjoyed being around. Kimberly and her second shooter were a perfect fit for us! We had to make a few adjustments throughout the day due to weather and Kimberly was extremely flexible with the change of plans. After the wedding, Kimberly sent us a link to our online photo gallery very quickly. We know many people who didn’t get their wedding photos back for months, so we were so happy to have them so soon after our big day. Overall we had a wonderful experience with Kimberly and would highly recommend working with her.

Samantha and Andrew– August 29, 2015 Wedding First Community Church and Rocky Fork Hunt Club – Via The Knot.com

I highly recommend Kimberly Potterf for engagement and wedding photography!

We booked a package with Kimberly and a second photographer, and I have nothing be great things to say about the second photographer as well. Kimberly even had my wedding pictures back to me earlier than she anticipated. I showed all of my friends and family…they were blown away!
Julie and Kevin Grill – August 8, 2015 at The Bluestone – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly is the total package!

She is professional, talented, and fun! Her eye for photography is amazing and her aesthetic is beautiful. I had many requests of her before, during, and after the wedding and she was extremely accommodating and always does things with a smile on her face.On the wedding day, she was great at time management and keeping things moving along without feeling rushed. We had videographers that were not affiliated with her and she worked very professionally and collaboratively with them. The photos were exactly what we were looking for! She gave great direction on posing that made our photos look very natural. The lighting is bright and fresh and romantic. I highly recommend working her. It is truly a great experience and the end result is beautiful!

Colleen and Gregory Cunningham  – July 18, 2015 Wedding at the Westin Downtown – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly was such a breeze to work with

Both she and her assistant were nice, accommodating and full of great ideas to capture the best moments of our big day. She does such a beautiful job with her photos and loved how she worked with natural lighting. She definitely makes you feel relaxed and allows you to have fun. I loved every picture she took and can’t decide which of the 800+ pictures to develop because they all captured the day beautifully. Bonus…she was probably my easiest vendor to get in contact with!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with Kimberly.
Haley and Todd – July 3, 2015 Wedding at The Boathouse – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly was great to work with!

She took the time to understand our style and what we wanted, and tailored our pictures to match. My husband and I don’t love getting photos taken but she made us feel so comfortable during our engagement shoot in German Village. We included our dog in some of the shoot. Kimberly was very patient with him and the photos with the dog turned out to be some of our favorites!  On our wedding day, Kimberly and her assistant captured all of our important moments beautifully. It was raining during the afternoon and she had great suggestions for where we could take covered pictures and had a clear umbrella for those in the rain. We had so many great shots to choose from for our album and have gotten many compliments on our pictures. I would definitely recommend Kimberly as your wedding photographer!
JSarah and Jim Penikas – May 16, 2015 at  Via Vecchia Winery – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly and her assistant are like ninjas

– they’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They managed to capture intimate photos of every moment of our wedding and yet they were not at all obtrusive. Kimberly was the photographer for my sister’s wedding last year, and when my husband and I started planning our wedding this year, there was no question that we would also work with Kimberly. We both had such a fantastic experience working with her. A few highlights: I normally feel self-conscious getting my photo taken and tend not to like a lot of photos of me, but Kimberly put me at ease and I had so much fun. And I actually LOVE all the photos! Kimberly and her assistant are like ninjas – they’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They managed to capture intimate photos of every moment of our wedding and yet they were not at all obtrusive. Sometimes I would think, oh I wish the photographer was here and then I would here a shutter snap. My husband and I both really LIKE Kimberly. She’s fun and nice and a damn good photographer! It’s so important to get along well with somebody who is going to be a big part of your wedding day! Most importantly, the photos are gorgeous. Her photos of my sister’s wedding are totally different, so I know she responds to individual tastes and style of each couple. Thank you, Kimberly!

Jill and John – May 9, 2015 Wedding at the Columbus Museum of Art – Via The Knot.com

If you can book Kimberly, do it ASAP!

During our first visit with Kimberly, she showed genuine interests in our story rather than getting our business. After meeting two other photographers, it was clear that Kimberly had set the bar very high and we knew she is the one! A thunderstorm began two hours before our engagement session, and Kimberly checked with us through e-mailed and suggested that we could pick another day if we are worried. Luckily, the storm ended in time, and we had the best light and temperature for outdoor photography that evening. On the day of the wedding, Kimberly showed up on time with great energy. She and her assistant were very patient and wonderful to work with throughout the entire wedding. We had a non-traditional wedding, and Kimberly was willing to commandant our needs. After the wedding, she was very quick in getting photos back to our hands (both online gallery and the final copy of all images on a personalized hard drive). Everyone raves about the photos, even my Asian friends who are used to “studio wedding photography”! We cannot thank Kimberly enough for preserving the wonderful moments of our wedding.

Chi and Dom Dodrill – May 8, 2015 – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly is a fantastic photographer and a pleasure to work with

Our wedding pictures were extremely important to us and she did not disappoint. Not only did she capture beautiful portraits of my husband and I, she also captured countless emotional moments. The images of my husband seeing me as I walked down the aisle, my dad walking me down the aisle, our first dance, and the small moments of pure joy experienced throughout the entire day are priceless.  We have incredible wedding photos, but not at the expense of “wasting time taking pictures.” Kim knows exactly what to capture and how to capture it, which allowed my husband and I, our bridal party, and our guests to be unphased by the presence of a photographer. She makes it feel easy and natural to have 1,000 pictures snapped of you…that is a gift! Outside of our actual photos, Kim is simply a pleasure to work with. One year after my wedding I still have not completed my wedding album, yet she continues to respond to my emails with the same promptness and professionalism she did before I paid her for her services. I would recommend Kim to anyone who wants beautiful, timeless wedding photos from a stand-out wedding vendor.

Emily and Mike – October 11, 2014 Wedding at the Dayton Art Institute – Via The Knot.com

There really is no one better than Kimberly

if you want a stress-free person to work with and absolutely stunningly beautiful, original, artistic photos! I struggled to search for a photographer for our wedding day. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding Kimberly had shot and knew of her work, but I initially thought it would be easier to work with a photographer close by. Boy was I wrong! I researched many, many photographers in my area and nothing came close to what Kimberly shoots. A friend of mine had Kimberly shoot her wedding, and I was absolutely obsessed with her pictures, coming back to them time and time again. My biggest pet peeve is overly photoshopped pictures. Kimberly’s pictures are very open, inviting, colorful, natural, and really capture the essence of the moment.

After being really frustrated with my local photographer search, a family friend suggested her again. I was BEYOND excited when I contacted her and she was available for my wedding. Photography was incredibly important for my wedding day, since I come from a large family who make every effort to be together on these special occasions. I did not want anybody else shooting these moments. Kimberly herself is an absolute dream to work with. She’s very upbeat, calming, professional and non-invasive. She is open, honest, very responsive to all of my communications, and like talking to a good friend. Moreover, she was incredibly accommodating as I felt the standard packages did not quite fit my needs, and she was more than happy to work with me on finding one that would. As part of this package, she shot our engagement pictures. Holy moly do I love those pictures! We exchanged a few emails discussing a few locations she recommended, and all my husband and I had to do was show up. The shoot was really relaxed and casual. We were in an outdoor location, and it was like strolling on a trail talking with your friend about the day. Initially, I was nervous but Kimberly has a way of blending into the background while making you feel so comfortable. As far as the wedding, the week leading up to the wedding we emailed and talked on the phone. This was again an informal conversation, with her guiding me on how she typically shoots. This was very calming and re-assuring to me, because it felt like one less thing I had to worry about! All of her tips and tricks are invaluable – her experience shooting weddings has given her so many ideas and feedback on the best way to do things. The day of the wedding, Kimberly and her assistant were punctual and amazing. I don’t know how she manages to keep such a low profile, but it was so comfortable having her there. She would quickly explain her plan, and be off. During the actual ceremony, I could not pick her out from any of our guests. Afterwards, she was so efficient about all of the group shots! For the bridal party shots, she balanced her professionalism with her brilliant, fun personality for some gorgeous outdoor photos. For the reception, again she was inconspicuous. Even my family and friends remarked afterwards on how you did not even notice she was around. Furthermore, they cannot stop raving about her pictures. Everyone I have talked to has expressed how excited they were that Kimberly was shooting our wedding because of how gorgeous our engagement pictures turned out. There really is no one better than Kimberly if you want a stress-free person to work with and absolutely stunningly beautiful, original, artistic photos!
Elisa and Nick – September 20, 2014 at the Galaxy in Wadsworth, Ohio – Via The Knot.com

I chose Kimberly as our photographer because her photographs capture real life as it’s happening

– not over-staged or planned out to look like your favorite pic on pinterest – but the real energy, life, and love standing in front of her.  She not only lived up to that expectation but exceeded it. I could not be happier with our wedding photos or the experience of working with Kimberly. She is professional and personable and has the sweetest dog in the world to boot. I would recommend her to anyone!

Hailey and Ebiji Akah –  July 19, 2014 at the Bluestone – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly definitely did a great job of capturing all of the fun

we had with our friends and family on a day we’ll never forget. I would absolutely recommend her for any photography work. When my wife and I first started looking for photographers for our wedding, we were a little overwhelmed. There were so many choices, and photo technology has come so far that it made it tough to discern a good photographer from a great one. We used the internet and wedding expos around the city to narrow down our choices to a few people/companies that jumped out at us, and then we scheduled some face-to-face meetings with them to get a feel for their personalities. When we met Kimberly, we had chemistry immediately. My wife sent her some photos that we liked ahead of time, and Kimberly was prepared with ideas and samples. We left that first meeting with very high expectations for our photos, and Kimberly delivered from start to finish. Our engagement photos were fantastic. Kimberly did a great job of guiding us into some unique shots downtown, and the turnaround time from shoot to delivery was very quick. As we got closer to our wedding day, Kimberly helped us with the flow of events. We didn’t really have a good idea of how long things were going to take, so her input was incredibly helpful. Our event coordinator was also grateful for Kimberly’s input. When the day finally came, Kimberly and her assistant arrived early, looking professional and keeping a low profile while they got their equipment ready. They were with us from the time we started getting ready until the very last song of the evening, and they did a great job of keeping us on schedule. We received our photos shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, and we couldn’t possibly be happier with them. Kimberly definitely did a great job of capturing all of the fun we had with our friends and family on a day we’ll never forget. I would absolutely recommend her for any photography work. Even now, almost four months after our wedding, we still talk to Kimberly and are even planning trips to the dog park with our pups. She is a fantastic person, and she will not let you down.

Zach and Ashley – May 24, 2014 at The Bluestone – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly and her staff were by far the best vendor…

I chose throughout my entire wedding planning process. Each step of the way she was not only professional but helpful and accommodating to make sure that everything we wanted and dreamed of was taken care of. Her work turned out more amazing that I could have imagined, and we laughed going through the pictures because of how wonderful they were and how we didn’t even notice her taking them that day. Her entire staff is friendly, sett people who helped make our day perfect.

Aly and Hayden – October 24, 2009 at Bexley United Methodist and St. Charles Walter Commons – Via The Knot.com

Kimberly was a pleasure to work with.

She was more than reasonable about her price and bent over backward to help us create the right photo plan for our wedding. At the wedding, she was almost invincible. Many of our guests and family commented afterward as to how nice, friendly and professional she was. Her photos are beyond brilliant, and she has been patient, helpful and wonderful putting our album together. I cannot recommend her enough.

Hillary and Greg – Oct 18, 2009 at Franklin Park Conservatory – Via The Knot.com