Elisa and Nick | Wedding at the Galaxy in Wadsworth

There really is no one better than Kimberly! If you want a stress-free person to work with and absolutely stunningly beautiful, original, artistic photos! I struggled to search for a photographer for our wedding day. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding Kimberly had shot and knew of her work, but I initially thought it would be easier to work with a photographer close by. Boy was I wrong! I researched many, many photographers in my area and nothing came close to what Kimberly shoots. A friend of mine had Kimberly shoot her wedding, and I was absolutely obsessed with her pictures, coming back to them time and time again. My biggest pet peeve is overly photoshopped pictures. Kimberly’s pictures are very open, inviting, colorful, natural, and really capture the essence of the moment.

After being really frustrated with my local photographer search, a family friend suggested her again. I was BEYOND excited when I contacted her and she was available for my wedding. Photography was incredibly important for my wedding day, since I come from a large family who make every effort to be together on these special occasions. I did not want anybody else shooting these moments. Kimberly herself is an absolute dream to work with. She’s very upbeat, calming, professional and non-invasive. She is open, honest, very responsive to all of my communications, and like talking to a good friend. Moreover, she was incredibly accommodating as I felt the standard packages did not quite fit my needs, and she was more than happy to work with me on finding one that would. As part of this package, she shot our engagement pictures. Holy moly do I love those pictures! We exchanged a few emails discussing a few locations she recommended, and all my husband and I had to do was show up. The shoot was really relaxed and casual. We were in an outdoor location, and it was like strolling on a trail talking with your friend about the day. Initially, I was nervous but Kimberly has a way of blending into the background while making you feel so comfortable. As far as the wedding, the week leading up to the wedding we emailed and talked on the phone. This was again an informal conversation, with her guiding me on how she typically shoots. This was very calming and re-assuring to me, because it felt like one less thing I had to worry about! All of her tips and tricks are invaluable – her experience shooting weddings has given her so many ideas and feedback on the best way to do things. The day of the wedding, Kimberly and her assistant were punctual and amazing. I don’t know how she manages to keep such a low profile, but it was so comfortable having her there. She would quickly explain her plan, and be off. During the actual ceremony, I could not pick her out from any of our guests. Afterwards, she was so efficient about all of the group shots! For the bridal party shots, she balanced her professionalism with her brilliant, fun personality for some gorgeous outdoor photos. For the reception, again she was inconspicuous. Even my family and friends remarked afterwards on how you did not even notice she was around. Furthermore, they cannot stop raving about her pictures. Everyone I have talked to has expressed how excited they were that Kimberly was shooting our wedding because of how gorgeous our engagement pictures turned out. There really is no one better than Kimberly if you want a stress-free person to work with and absolutely stunningly beautiful, original, artistic photos!
Elisa and Nick – September 20, 2014 at the Galaxy in Wadsworth, Ohio – Via The Knot.com