a groom wearing a navy suit is holding hands and walking outside a church a summer day

Samantha and Andrew’s wedding day has long been one of my favorites that I’ve photographed, and though this is a bit from the archives at this point, I still really wanted to share!

Her expression of excitement when walking down the stairs to see her friends is priceless!

Everything about their special day just seemed perfect but one of the highlights for me was their first look in the backyard of the home where Samantha grew up. After getting ready and hanging out with the groomsmen for a bit over at the Scioto Country Club, Andrew headed over to meet Samantha for their first look. And don’t you just love this blue suit? It’s the perfect shade of blue in my opinion.

These genuine smiles on both of their faces just say it all! I just love how they are both beaming with excitement and joy.

And not without a few curious and supportive bystanders to witness the moment!

How cute are these soft mint green dresses on the bridesmaids? They were so flattering, unique, and just looked comfy too. I loved this softer hue as an alternative to some other popular pastels and neutrals.

I just love their relaxed yet super stylish wedding day style too. A little preppy, but classic and just overall stunning.

Just a few classic portraits together in front of the home where the day began!

Off to the church to get married!

I just love how happy and expressive Sam is – so much fun to photograph. I always tell my clients that the most important criteria to creating photos that you will love is to really have FUN with each other on your big day (or in any situation for that matter, like your engagement session)

Not too much longer until they say “we do!” I just think it’s so sweet how Andrew is looking over at Sam as they walk hand-in-hand around the church grounds. First Community Church in Upper Arlington/Marble Cliff is really a beautiful older church with some great spots to shoot. As the guests start to arrive, they head inside for a few more photos and await the ceremony. I love capturing the scene of the day for my clients. Sometimes a simple image of a setting can bring back so many memories of such a special day. I really love to shoot with a wide angle lens for these types of shots to really give you a sense of being there.

Here comes the happy bride with her father!

I love the grandeur of this church, as well as being able to shoot from the choir loft.

An often overlooked yet important part of the day when planning is time for the family portraits. I also think that people sometimes have mixed feelings about “formal” group portraits, especially inside the church. If a beautiful and convenient outdoor area is available (and accessible) to all family member, that is fantastic! But sometimes going with the traditional route is really the most convenient and efficient for everyone, especially if you have a larger group, older folks and fickle weather to consider. You personally may not mind the heat or cold, but when you have a larger group of people to consider, opting for a location that keeps everyone as comfortable as possible is always a great choice in my opinion. There are generally plenty of opportunities throughout the rest of the day for more candid photos in various locations. My ultimate goal on the wedding day for my couples and their families is to allow them to be present in the moments that really matter, and HAVING FUN with their new spouse and loved ones. Weddings, after all, are a celebration of love!

Relishing in that newly wedded joy! I can almost here the laughter in these images!

Best friends!

This black and white photo was taken shortly after we arrived to the reception at the Rock Fork Hunt and Country Club in Gahanna. https://rockyforkhcc.com It had just started to sprinkle rain a bit, but luckily we were done with photos by then because those chose to do a first look.

Now here is the part of the post where I get to gush about the beautiful decor by Jennifer Kontomerkos from The Finer Things Event Planning https://thefinerthingseventplanning.com. A classic white tent naturally creates such a beautiful bright and airy space for a wedding reception. Posy www.posyflorals.com created all of the bouquets and centerpieces. The simple glass votives and gold vases made such an elegant space.

The charger plates rimmed with gold beading added an extra special touch to the place settings.

The dessert table was absolutely perfect as well. While there aren’t many things better than a classic chocolate chip cookie, I thought the miniature cups of chocolate mousse were so cute and tasty!

This moment. I love how Sam’s father is simultaneously hugging his new son-in-law and holding the hand of his beautiful newlywed daughter! Few things get me more emotional than the sweetest moments between parents and their children.

After spending the day with the families, it’s easy to see where Sam may get her expressive joy from. Her mom and Dad really seemed to embrace the day and take so much joy in their daughter’s joy. This reminds me of a point I wanted to mention about one of the many benefits of hiring a great event planner for your big day. When you have someone you can really trust handling all the details, you and your loved ones (usually a parent or sibling) are able to more freely immerse themselves in the day with you as well.

While some people at first mention that they don’t need “a bunch of pictures of people dancing” they generally love having these types of moments of their family and friends once they see them. In my opinion, photos like these candids below will grow in appeal and value over time. You may not want to frame every single one, but oh what a story these images will tell to your grandkids one day!

Imagine that this photo of the groom below is one of your father, or grandfather. How fun!

And everyone loves a dancing granny! Especially with a tambourine in hand!

A very happy moment in time! You gotta hand it to Conspiracy for always making sure everyone at a party is having a ball. Be sure to check them out! https://www.suttonentertainment.net/the-conspiracy-band/

The reception is almost always a great time to grab some fun photos with your guests. The day moves SO FAST that often there isn’t much time prior to the reception to get photos with some of your other guests, especially those that aren’t family or part of your bridal party.

This dance floor was hopping all night – and rather entertaining to watch! There seem to always be those special few wedding guests that pull out all the stops on the dance floor!

Nothing say love and happiness like belting out the words to a favorite song with your best friend and love of your life! Thank you again to Sam and Andrew for trusting me with capturing all of these moments. It’s been fun for me to go back and revisit the day!


PLANNING AND COORDINATION: The Finer Things Event Planning www.thefinerthingseventplanning.com

CEREMONY VENUE: First Community Church – South Campus fcchurch.com

RECEPTION VENUE: Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club https://rockyforkhcc.com

FLOWERS: Posy www.posyflorals.com

RECEPTION MUSIC: The Conspiracy Band https://www.suttonentertainment.net/the-conspiracy-band/